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Clicks and tricks starting Wednesday  7th Feb 7-8pm is a 4 week course to get you and you dog tricktastic we cover introduction to clicker priming and applying understanding the methods of luring, free shaping and capturing. £30 for the 4 weeks.
Clicks and Tricks Wed 7th Feb 7-8pm
aprox 10 x millet sprays
Millet Spray
3 x medium / small Cuttle Bone
Cuttle Bone / Cuttle Fish x 3
Orlux Eggfood dry large parakeets + parrots is suitable for all
Orlux Eggfood dry large parakeets + parrots 800g
Product presentation
NutriBird P 15 Tropical 1kg
New thicker sheets; hygienic & easy to use
Tydisam Medium Sand Paper / Sand Sheet Bird
White Millet, Canary Seed, Peanuts,
Parakeet Seed Mix 2kg
White Millet, Canary Seed, Hempseed,
Cockatiel Seed Mix 2kg