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New thicker sheets; hygienic & easy to use
Tydisam Medium Sand Paper / Sand Sheet Bird
3 x medium / small Cuttle Bone
Cuttle Bone / Cuttle Fish x 3
aprox 10 x millet sprays
Millet Spray
The Arcadia Bird Cage Lamp Holder is specifically for use when mounting the compact bird lamp over a wire birdcage. This black Bakelite E27 lamp holder is mounted onto a metal bracket that attaches onto the outside of the cage using a locking plate and screw on the inside of the cage. The bracket incorporates a guide through which the power cable is fed in order to prevent it falling through the wires of the cage where an inquisitive bird may chew it. As with the reptile equivalent, a power lead with manual switch and fitted plug is included.
Arcadia Bird Cage Compact Lamp Holder
Blue Anti-algae Drinker 200 Ccm, fits into most cages and aviarys
BIRD Blue Anti-algae Drinker 200 Ccm
hook on seed & water pots small and large - various colours
hook on seed & water pots small and large
Wooden perches which fit on all Savic and most standard bird cages, 3 x per pack
Large Nesting Box Suitable For Cocktails. Opening Located In The Centre. Removable Roof For Easy Cleaning.Perch Located At Opening.
coconut Puzzle toy for parrots made with natural materials 40CM TALL