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Traditional Blackpudding sticks, High quality long black pudding sausage, 70% meat content.
BlackPudding Sticks
natural air dried chicken feet x 3 sizes may vary.
Chicken Feet x 3
Natural air dried tripe stick per item.
Natural Tripe Sticks x 3
100% natural tasty salami sausage 3pack
Salami Sausage
meat and veg sausage 3 pack 100% natural sausage.
Meat & Veg Sausage
500g Holling tasty sausage
Sausage 500g
Natural air dried pigs ears
Air Dried Pigs Ears
High quality long fish sausage, made with over 70% fish
Fish Sausage
Gourmet Roast Liver Sausage are a tasty gourmet treat. They are grain free, healthy, natural and nutritious.
Liver Sausage x 6